• White Gloves Abound


    If you’re a fan of the iconic game show “Family Feud,” you might recall this episode. The host asks contestants to name someone who wears white gloves.

    The top-scoring answer was doctor, followed by Mickey Mouse, nurse, and dentist. If we are to exclude the cartoon character, we find the professions represented here are noted for exercising special care or attention.  In fairness to Mickey, I suppose his adoring fans would say the same of him. 
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  • Domestic Sewing 101: The Whole Nine Yards.



    Occasionally a customer will ask whether J.A. Uniforms offers domestic sewing. Often the customer is weighing the pros and cons of domestic sewing and offshoring.

    Does it really matter, you ask. Well, it depends.
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  • Scrubs Gaining Favor Outside Hospitals


    Innovation has been kind to yesterday’s boxy medical scrubs. Real kind.

    Gone are the stiff, ill-fitting garments that roamed hospital hallways, their approach announced by the swoosh sound of baggy pant legs rubbing against themselves.
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