• Historic Hotels of America Conference 2017

    Last week marked my first visit to the Historic Hotels of America’s annual conference. I expected the gathering of top hoteliers to be a pleasant respite from my daily routine. It didn’t disappoint.

    What I didn’t expect was the unbridled interest in occupational apparel.
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  • Going the Distance with Globetrotting Garments

    What does a Caribbean island resort in a British overseas territory have in common with a hotel in Guatemala City? And what do they both have in common with a resort nestled on the pristine beaches of Bahrain's east coast?

    Uniforms, of course!
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  • Winter waits for no one

    We’ve all witnessed valet parkers braving the driving rain to greet guests with an umbrella before escorting them into a hotel. Following a large snowfall these same parking attendants might be found shoveling snow or unloading packages for guests.
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