Domestic Sewing 101: The Whole Nine Yards.



Occasionally a customer will ask whether J.A. Uniforms offers domestic sewing. Often the customer is weighing the pros and cons of domestic sewing and offshoring.

Does it really matter, you ask. Well, it depends.

In recent years, domestic sewing has been on the decline as offshoring and automation have been on the rise. Employment in domestic sewing, for example, fell over 60% in the last decade according to a recent news report citing Bureau of Labor Statistics’ employment data.

As you might imagine, the cost of domestic sewing rises as domestic-sewing capacity wanes.

Why, then, should anyone consider a domestically sewed uniform? Outside of an effort to support our domestic economy, there are other things to take into account:

Quality Counts: The quality of domestic garments is recognized by many as superior. So, too, is the consistency of the sewing. Domestic manufacturing scores a point here.  

Speed of Delivery: Communicating with a manufacturer 15 hours ahead of you can be a daunting task. And given customs and shipping considerations, it can be a challenge to meet tight turnaround times when buying from overseas. If it’s important to receive uniforms reliably on a schedule, you’d do well to consider maintaining a surplus stateside or to purchase domestic garments. Domestic manufacturing gets the nod here.

Pure Price: Domestically manufactured uniforms are costlier owing to factors such as today’s limited domestic manufacturing capacity and the higher wages required by U.S. labor laws. Pricewise, domestic manufacturing is no match for overseas sewing.

Service: It’s generally easier to switch out, modify or correct a uniform manufactured in the U.S. Domestic purchases often benefit from heightened flexibility, speediness and certainty. This, of course, allows for better service. Here domestic manufacturing has a decided leg up.

To be sure, there is no right or wrong here, so it’s best to explore what works best for you.

If you’re in need of expert in-house sewing and manufacturing, then J.A. Uniforms is certain to make your shortlist. After all, hotel and valet operators seeking one-of-a-kind designs or even semi-custom looks have been relying on J.A. Uniforms for over two decades. And our dedicated in-house art, design and manufacturing team is noted for its high-quality tailoring.

For those who act with adequate lead time and for whom nothing is more important than price, J.A. Uniforms routinely leverages a network of offshore business partners.

The choice is yours. Domestic. Foreign. J.A. Uniforms has you covered.

-Alex Arencibia