Holiday Musings

The holidays are in the air. You wouldn’t know it from inside J.A. Uniforms, though. There’s still so much to be completed before we bid the year adieu.  

In anticipation of the busy travel season, we’re putting the final touches on hotel uniforms that’ll be pressed into service well before Santa’s reindeer take flight.  

An embroidery here, a gold button there; before you can say Fa la la la la, our garments are gracing the halls of the world’s finest hotels.  There, they often remain in continuous service through the following holiday, unlike the lobby Christmas tree and requisite nutcracker toy soldiers.

Speaking of the nutcracker soldier, there’s something you’ve probably never noticed.

His look, well attired and formal, if a bit stiff, can be surprisingly similar to that of a doorman. Think about it. Both looks skew toward the ornate. Both are often adorned in gold. And both are military themed, featuring sharp creases and bright colors.  

You may be thinking I’ve lost my mind. I suppose I may have.   

It’s a result of spending nearly a quarter century around uniforms. I see uniforms everywhere -- even on Christmas dolls.       

Well, it’s back to the factory for me, but not before I wish everyone peace and joy in this holiday season!

-Alex Arencibia