• Scrubs Gaining Favor Outside Hospitals


    Innovation has been kind to yesterday’s boxy medical scrubs. Real kind.

    Gone are the stiff, ill-fitting garments that roamed hospital hallways, their approach announced by the swoosh sound of baggy pant legs rubbing against themselves. Continue reading

  • Walking on Air in New Neckwear


    Few articles of clothing trigger as much discussion as bowties, neckties, scarves, and shawls. Worn about the neck, these vestiges of old-school formality and poise are scrutinized by discerning buyers who seem to delight in folding fabric with sartorial flair. Continue reading

  • Of Uniforms and Telephones


    I’m often asked what gives J.A. Uniforms a leg up over its competitors. You might say it all starts with the telephone.

    No, it’s not what you’re thinking. There’s no telemarketing here.   Continue reading