• J.A. Uniforms Lauded for Its Hotel and Valet Apparel


    It’s been said that competition is a consumer’s best friend.  It promotes innovations in design and function and is often credited with keeping prices in check.

    Since 1978 the uniform industry has fostered competition through its Image of the Year Awards, an honor recognizing preeminent workplace-apparel programs. Staged last week during the National Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors’ annual convention, this year’s awards ceremony was largely no different – apart from a new face at the podium. Continue reading

  • To Rent or to Own, That is the Question


    I’m often asked where I stand on the uniform-rental business.  Does it make sense to rent uniforms? Is it more economical? Is it more costly? As someone who makes a living selling uniforms, it’s tempting to knock the practice of renting uniforms.  After all, I’d prefer for uniform renters to convert to uniform purchasers, right? Continue reading

  • Picture Perfect


    In a bid to highlight J.A. Uniform’s ever-evolving uniform-design work, I enjoy staging photo shoots when time permits. A nod to my past life as a photographer, sometimes they’re staged even when time doesn’t permit. This one sure was...

    Continue reading