• Miami Hospitality Design Awards


    When the dinner invitation arrived, I was immediately interested. Architecture, design and hotels. A trifecta of sorts for a hotel aficionado with a longtime interest in design. Continue reading

  • The Hotel Uniform Business


    When I mention I’m in the uniform business, It’s often assumed that I deal in school uniforms or team uniforms. Interestingly, occupational or work uniforms, ubiquitous as they are, are not really top of mind. And hotel uniforms, a subset of work uniforms, well they’re even less top of mind. Continue reading

  • J.A. Uniforms President Alex Arencibia talks shop at last week’s MAGIC MARKET WEEK trade show.


    Each year the fashion industry gathers for three days in Las Vegas to take part in the nation’s most comprehensive fashion marketplace. Despite being dubbed MAGIC, an acronym for Men’s Apparel Guild in California, the show is not limited to menswear. In fact, it casts its net much wider, uniting suppliers, brands and retailers eager to present consumers with the finest in fashion products for men and women of every age and size. Continue reading