White Gloves Abound


If you’re a fan of the iconic game show “Family Feud,” you might recall this episode. The host asks contestants to name someone who wears white gloves.

The top-scoring answer was doctor, followed by Mickey Mouse, nurse, and dentist. If we are to exclude the cartoon character, we find the professions represented here are noted for exercising special care or attention.  In fairness to Mickey, I suppose his adoring fans would say the same of him. 

The term “white-glove service” is bandied about a great deal today. But what, exactly, is white-glove service as it relates to the uniform business? It goes back to special care or attention.

At J.A. Uniforms the phones are answered within two rings. This sense of attention sets the tone for our entire interaction with customers. It also sets the direction for our factory.

There, floors are repeatedly swept free of debris. Uniforms are organized by function. Boxes are double taped. Orders are triple checked. Garments are handled with extreme care. And Sewing is carried out expertly.

But, of what value is any of this if customer needs are not surpassed?

Exceeding customer expectations is job one at J.A. Uniforms.  Whether its attentiveness, knowledge of the product or clear communications, we strive to wow our customers. Here, deadlines are for beating. Samples improve the buying process. Fit lines simplify the ordering process.

Do you need a custom garment in a hard-to-find color, fabric or style? We’ve got it handled. Do you prefer to discuss your uniform needs after hours? Not a problem. Perhaps you are looking for a secure on-line ordering portal. Just say when.  And what about on-site sizing for a complex order? Consider it done.

In anticipating and surpassing customer requests, J.A. Uniforms dons its figurative white gloves. For many, white-glove service still signals something that only the very wealthy can afford. You might say our special care and attention is the democratization of white-glove service. The service is accessible to everyone and carries no special premium. That’s because we believe white-glove service is no longer optional. Today’s customers have too many choices to settle for anything short of the best.

-Alex Arencibia