Working with JA uniforms has made the uniform selection process easy, efficient, and has added value to our patient experience brand. Our custom shirts are known throughout the hospital and our patients are now able to easily identify our team. Highly recommend their services!
K.M - Associate Vice-President of the Office for Patient Experience at a University Based Health System and Hospital
April 2021

Hi Guys!
I received the order and I couldn't be happier! You guys are the best and look forward to
continuing to order with JA for the long haul!
Everything turned out great!
P.W. - CEO Hospitality Management Group
February 2021

Looking good thanks to Alexander Arencibia and all my friends at J.A. Uniforms!
If you want your team to look their best you need to contact the amazing team at J.A. Uniforms today!
B.E. – President of a Valet Parking Tech Company
January 2021

Hi Alex
Hope all is well. Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate Sabine’s professionalism and support of our team.
She’s great!
J.L. – Valet Parking Senior Vice President
July 2020

JA Uniforms Team,
You guys have been great and accommodating. I truly appreciate the effort and the customer service you provide.
Thank You.
J.H. – Valet Parking General Manager
October 2017

The order came out fantastic and our client was extremely happy with both their selection and how they came out. As always, thank you for being so accommodating.

Regards, - B.

Valet Parking Industry

Every order I've ordered from you guys was a great experience. It's a quick process each time. Usually, my order is ordered, shipped and delivered within a few days which is exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks! - K.

Valet Parking Industry

I find your products to be superior to most and "brag" that your company can tailor items to fit our staff! This is a huge PLUS. I've always gotten excellent service from all of your staff. My questions and requests are answered promptly and thoroughly. If I need something, you'll find it for me! Your willingness to take an item and "tailor" it to our needs AND keep it in stock is commendable. I hope to be able to utilize this concept in the future.

Warm Regards, - P.

Hospitality Industry

My employees are very happy with the shirts and they fit perfectly. Thank you for the fine service!

Warm Regards, - A.

Valet Parking Industry